Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sigsbee Navy Lodge Key West FL.

While kayaking in a lagoon at the Sigsbee Navel Lodge & Marina in Key West Florida we shot this photo of these two pelicans. Key West has a large variety of birds including white and brown pelicans.  In 2005 Hurricane Wilma hit and devastated the population.  Their numbers have increased since that time. Pelicans often form a line as seen in the pictures below so they can feed together on schools of small fish.  These pelicans seem to be used to humans because we were able to kayak fairly close without disturbing them. As we watched these two, bickering with each other over a fish, the pelican on the left turned his back to the other one and the one on the right buried his head into his feathers. It was as if the pelican on the left had bad gas and the pelican on the right was tying to avoid the smell. LOL

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