Saturday, September 9, 2017

Baxter Lake NH - fun times with friends

Great way to spend a relaxing weekend with good friends! What a great country we live in!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fort Worth outshining Dallas





Debbie does Dallas

While visiting Texas, we took in the iconic Dallas skyline from atop the Reunion Tower.

Rosa Parks statue
Dallas Book Depository

Inside the 6th floor museum you will find this photo of John and Jacqueline Kennedy. Each portrait is made up of 50,000 tiny pictures of each of them.  Amazing to see.  
Grassy knoll
Location of fatal shot

Looks can be deceiving

 While visiting Fort Worth, we heard about a hidden gem - Joe T. Garcia's Restaurant.  When we first arrived, we were not impressed; the outside was nothing special.  We were unable to get in because the waiting list was so long.  We couldn't understand why.  Later that week, we tried again and we couldn't believe what we found after entering! It is a beautiful oasis full of fountains, gardens and lovely walk-ways. The food, service and atmosphere were great!  A must see if you are in the area!!