Saturday, April 23, 2011

Laconia Bike Rally - New Hampshire

For nearly 90 years, the Laconia Bike Rally has been a New England tradition.  The top picture (35mm) we took looking back toward the area of Weirs Beach.  This is the main street area where bikers line up to walk the wooden boardwalk along the beach and take in all the festivities.  As with any rally, there are booths set up everywhere with all kinds of merchandise, beer tents and plenty of live entertainment.  The rally is set in the White Mountains of New Hampshire near Lake Winnipesaukee.  It is in early June so the weather is always a gamble. The bottom picture is an aerial shot of the area from 1998. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nascar Sprint Series Watkins Glen

We took these pictures of the the Nascar Sprint Series Race in Watkins Glen New York. The day of the race the weather was good initially. We never had been to a  Nascar race before so we weren't sure on what to expect. Once we found our seats we then took a walk around the inside track where all the action is. We soon found out its a big party with plenty of beer and music with even some free give aways like Helluva Good Cheese & Nachos and Monster Energy drinks. Also there were plenty of aromas in the air - a combination of burning rubber and fried foods. While we we waiting for the race to start with anticipation ominous clouds were building. After announcing all of the drivers on stage they finally started their engines and lapped the track and were ready to receive the green flag to race. .Just then the skies opened up with a ferocious lighting and thunder storm. The race was stopped and a few hours later it was called cancelled and rescheduled for the following day. We returned the next day and took in all the sites and the race for a second time. Below right is a picture of a group of "Said Heads", fans of driver Boris Said, who all wear matching shirts and big, bushy wigs. It was an experience.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Buffalo Chip at Night

As night falls at the Buffalo Chip campground things come to a climax. People that have been drinking and taking other type of medications to help them relax are now that. All types have gathered here, the moms that are everyday homemakers wanting something different, to the professionals that are just tired of being, well, professional. They want to see and be part of a different kind of lifestyle if only for one night. Here at the Chip you can find that and more. The night we were there, Dee Snyder from the mid 80's group Twisted Sister, was walking through the crowd just as anyone else, to have a good time and to party. Of course there were girls dancing behind us standing on a picnic table taking their tops off waving to Kid Rock in hopes of getting his attention. There were the Harley-Davidson motorcycles with their well known V-twin engines and loud pipes that had driven right up to the front of the stage roaring as if to say here I am, I've come to party. The atmosphere is something beyond words. Everyone is laughing and dancing asking where are you from? It seems everyone is from somewhere else but Sturgis. They've all gathered here at the Chip to be part of the experience that they are creating. Don't worry though, with all this going on there is plenty of security so we never felt unsafe. However be warned people really start letting loose after the sun goes down at the CHIP.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sigsbee Navy Lodge Key West FL.

While kayaking in a lagoon at the Sigsbee Navel Lodge & Marina in Key West Florida we shot this photo of these two pelicans. Key West has a large variety of birds including white and brown pelicans.  In 2005 Hurricane Wilma hit and devastated the population.  Their numbers have increased since that time. Pelicans often form a line as seen in the pictures below so they can feed together on schools of small fish.  These pelicans seem to be used to humans because we were able to kayak fairly close without disturbing them. As we watched these two, bickering with each other over a fish, the pelican on the left turned his back to the other one and the one on the right buried his head into his feathers. It was as if the pelican on the left had bad gas and the pelican on the right was tying to avoid the smell. LOL