Monday, April 18, 2011

Buffalo Chip at Night

As night falls at the Buffalo Chip campground things come to a climax. People that have been drinking and taking other type of medications to help them relax are now that. All types have gathered here, the moms that are everyday homemakers wanting something different, to the professionals that are just tired of being, well, professional. They want to see and be part of a different kind of lifestyle if only for one night. Here at the Chip you can find that and more. The night we were there, Dee Snyder from the mid 80's group Twisted Sister, was walking through the crowd just as anyone else, to have a good time and to party. Of course there were girls dancing behind us standing on a picnic table taking their tops off waving to Kid Rock in hopes of getting his attention. There were the Harley-Davidson motorcycles with their well known V-twin engines and loud pipes that had driven right up to the front of the stage roaring as if to say here I am, I've come to party. The atmosphere is something beyond words. Everyone is laughing and dancing asking where are you from? It seems everyone is from somewhere else but Sturgis. They've all gathered here at the Chip to be part of the experience that they are creating. Don't worry though, with all this going on there is plenty of security so we never felt unsafe. However be warned people really start letting loose after the sun goes down at the CHIP.

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