Saturday, February 18, 2012

Needles Highway - Black Hills SD

We took this picture on our ride on Needles Highway in the Black Hills of SD.  It is a perfect road for a motorcycle.  The roads are narrow and wind through beautiful pine covered mountains with all kinds of rock formations like this one.  This is called the Needle's Eye for obvious reasons. 
 It is a popular spot to stop and take pictures. 

Buffalo Chip

Security snipers setting up on the roof top canopy. Presidential candidate John McCain 
was speaking to the Veterans before Kid Rock was to play.
Awesome concert!
Seeing a concert at the Chip is an experience
that I will likely never forget.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lake Powell - Glen Canyon Dam and Dinosaur

On our trip to the Canyon Lands we spent a day on Lake Powell and a night in Page, Arizona. There is a small museum located in the visitors center that has some interesting facts about the lake and what once lived in the area 93 million years ago like this dinosaur.

Each year over 3 million people visit the 186-mile-long lake and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This surrealistic landscape of crystal-clear lake surrounded by colorful canyons, peaks and buttes draws visitors from around the world and is a perennial favorite location for photographers and filmmakers.  

Commonly called a Therizinosaur, the dinosaur was 13 feet tall and weighed about one ton. It was a plant eater with frightening-looking claws that allowed it to both uncover food and to defend itself. The claws measure eight inches and were likely used to tear rotting tree trunks to look for termites to eat.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Secure Home in Moab Utah

The home boasts 14 rooms supported by huge pillars throughout, and a fireplace with 65-foot chimney drilled 100% from solid sandstone. A deep French fryer and bathtub are also connected to the rock, creating an architectural first for many sightseers. Outside of the home, visitors enjoy the unique cactus and rock garden, including benches and picnic tables carved completely of stone.
Many magazines and television programs have highlighted the Hole ‘n the Rock, including PBS Stations, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, AAA’s Via Magazine, and Roadside Attractions.
The house was built by Albert and Gladys Christensen, former residents of the rock. Albert first dedicated 12 years to excavating 50,000 cubic feet of solid sandstone from within the rock. During this time, he was also finishing his “Sermon on the Mount” painting, and a sculpture of Franklin D. Roosevelt, now displayed on the face of a rock above the home. Unfortunately, Albert died in 1957, and Gladys continued the project until her subsequent death in 1974. Gladys sculpted the simple stones that mark their neighboring gravesites which lie in a cove near the home.