Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sturgis Rally - Glencoe Campground - Kenny Chesney Concert

These pictures were taken the night we went to the Glencoe Campground to see the Kenny Chesney concert.  The previous night Larry the Gable Guy was on stage and because someone was struck by lighting during a severe storm his show ended early and his tickets were to be honored at the Kenny Chesney concert the following night.  That made for an even larger crowd at the Chesney concert. There was such a line of traffic waiting to get into the concert, that when Kenny came on stage he was nearly two hours late. Kenny didn't want to start his concert without everyone being there. The opening act Pat Green kept everyone entertained while we waited for the Chesney show to start. When Kenny finally did come on stage he did not disappoint. WOW what a show it was. There really aren't any rules in Sturgis for concerts apparently so Kenny pulled out all the stops playing into the wee hours of the morning. I'm not sure what was in those red cups Kenny kept drinking from and then smiling, but what you could tell was Kenny himself was having a great time. There was a Bra pole on stage that filled up quickly from women in the crowd throwing their bras on stage. Kenny and his band were havening as much fun on stage as the crowd was having watching from below. Kenny played all of his country favorites and even got into playing his rock&roll favorites as well. fun fun fun.. Inside the concert area  there are plenty of stations for food, drinks, and vendors of all sorts that are selling a little of everything. It was truly a fantastic evening that I will never forget. Glencoe is located just down the road from the Buffalo Chip and across from the Full Throttle Saloon, which is just outside of downtown Sturgis. Check it out it is well worth it.


  1. Sturgis, South Dakota is home to the largest Motorcycle event in the entire world.

    Sturgis campground

    1. Yes and we love it there ... Meet the nicest people anywhere


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