Monday, May 23, 2011

White Water Rafting Gauley River West Virginia

White water rafting in West Virginia on the Gauley River is a trip I will not forget. These photos were taken as the water was being released from the bottom of the lake through three huge pipes many feet in diameter. It was such a deafening roar that we could hardly hold a conversation. I am a very good swimmer but I was nervous about this trip. I had good reason to be since we learned that a young man kayaking was killed the weekend we were there. It is believed he became wedged under hidden rocks and logs in the river and was unable to free himself from the swift current. It is likely we rafted right over him without knowing it. So sad.

There are some interesting stories about the Gorge. There was an old man called "Five Dollar Frank" who would fly you over the gorge for 5 bucks.  This was a trip since his plane was literally held together with duck tape.  In addition, the highest expansion bridge on the east coast is located here. Once a year the bridge is closed for what is called "bridge day" you can bungee and base jump off the bridge without any consequences from the local authorities. Me ? I'm up in the front of the raft with my paddle pushing off the rock. Shortly after our raft flipped.

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