Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Detailing the ones you Love ... Harley-Davidson


One of my favorite things to do when the weather is cold or inclement  is to detail my Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I have a pretty good setup with a 30' x 40' foot basement which I nicknamed Man-Town. It has the basics of  what everyman should have in a Man-Town. Harley-Davidson motorcycles of course, a motorcycle lift with a roll around tool-seat for easy access while cleaning, and a roll around tool chest with all the proper tools and cleaning materials necessary to get the job done right. Besides the motorcycles, there is a refrigerator just for beer and a flat screen television for watching my favorite sports teams. Also there is a networked computer for researching parts and accessories just in case I get the urge to add something. What else could a man ask for? If someone is looking for me they know this is where they are likely to find me. I will spend hours upon hours in Man-Town caressing and polishing my bikes with oh so ever loving care.  My wife has often said to me I wish you paid as much attention to me as you do those bikes. Then I will reply, well Honey if you treated me as good as they treat me I would. ha"
This is my domain, it's where I relax.. 

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