Sunday, April 1, 2012

Son of a Gun... it's you know who from "Sons of Anarchy"

                                      Probably would not see this guy riding through your nieghborhood on one of these. He is one of the stars from the hit series "Sons of Anarchy".  The picture below is of a Good Humor Ice Cream cart. Remember when the man would ride by with Good Humor Ice Cream?

Mark Boone Junior plays “Robert ‘Bobby’ Munson,” SAMCRO’s Secretary, an understated man with an internal power, on FX’s hit series Sons of Anarchy. He is the consigliore of the group and truly the conscience of the club. He has murdered for the club and is the only known member to ride a “chopper.” He is like an Uncle to Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam, and has a special relationship to Clay, played by Ron Perlman. Clay goes to him for sound advice and obviously trusts him. He has been a member of the Club for some time and does a great impersonation of Elvis, an act he did early on in the show.

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