Thursday, April 12, 2012

Castleton Tower, on loop road Moab, Utah

According to THE USA BOOK
" The La Sals are one of the smallest mountain ranges in Utah, yet they have a dozen peaks that exceed 12,000 feet. The highest is Mount Peale, which ranks third in the state at 12,721 feet. The La Sal Mountain Loop Road passes through their heart, rolling by alpine meadows rich with wildflowers, groves of aspen, and numerous lakes, hiking trails and forest service roads that beg to be explored. "

 " Sixty miles of contrasts merge along the La Sal Mountain Loop Road outside of Moab, Utah. This loop drive, which starts and ends in a stunning desert landscape, crosses the La Sal Mountains near the top of their 12,000 foot elevation "

 " The scenic road is made all the amazing by the country surrounding it, the red sandstone spires and cliffs of Moab, Utah. In fact, views of the desert below you can be captured from many turnouts. The contrast of the horizon in the distance with the stands of ponderosa pine covering the peaks around you makes for amazing photo opportunities."

" Castle Valley is located right where the loop road begins, about eighteen miles from Moab off state Highway 128. It is a beautiful spot where rock formations and mountain greenery merge. Castleton Tower, a sheer parapet of red sandstone that rises 450 feet above the valley floor, is a favorite destination for rock climbers. "

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