Friday, March 25, 2011

Watkin's Glen NY Finger Lakes

Marina on Lake Seneca 
The fist day we arrived in the Finger Lakes, we took a sunset boat cruise on Lake Seneca.  We rode our motorcycle to Watkins Glen and took this picture at the marina before our boat ride.  

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  1. Not everyone realizes how much beauty is held in the state of New York. We all have a tendency to think of Manhattan Island when New York ... or the baseball team that owns it... I forgot their name. Upper N.Y. has some excellent sporting venues. The finger lakes has sailing, and are a lot larger than we imagine. Lake Champlain in the North Eastern part of the state is huge and a great place to camp or ride also. I spent a few days whitewater rafting in Warrensburg. The food was great. The people were entertaining and the prices were low enough to make the "money concern" part of the trip vanish. Of course that could have been the beer! Lake George is a good place to vacation, I am told, but I think there are much better, off the beaten path locations to visit and the back roads are great to ride. North/central N.Y. is wild and free, just watch out for UFOs up there by that "hidden" Air Force Base! Don't forget the Howe Caverns region. Great place to spend a day with affordable/clean motels and good food. Man, am I glad winter is over!


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